What Are Some Ways to Find Tournament Game Times?


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One way to find tournament game times is to check the website for the particular sport to see if a schedule of games is listed. Media sports websites like Espn.go.com and CBSSports.com list tournament times for major sports. Using ticketing websites like StubHub.com is another alternative, as of 2016.

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Most websites dedicated to an individual sport, such as NFL.com and NBA.com, have a schedules link from their main pages that shows game times nationwide and for individual teams.

Similarly, websites that cover a variety of sports may have schedules links to individual respective sporting events. For example, you can go on espn.go.com or CBSSports.com, view the header of the website showing major sports like NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA football, select or highlight one of the sports, and then choose the Schedules option in the individual sport's menu. This action shows a list of upcoming games and times.

An alternative to sports media websites is to use ticketing websites like StubHub.com. Under the Find Events menu, there is an option for sports. Selecting this shows tickets that are available to all sporting events in a particular area in the near future.

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