What Are Some Ways to Get Free Fishing Supplies?


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Get free fishing supplies by signing up for fishing and gaming newsletters and entering to win contests and giveaways. Checking newspapers for giveaways, looking in dumpsters and recycling bins, asking family and friends for unwanted items, and visiting fishing and gaming trade shows are other ways to get free fishing supplies. Also get free fishing supplies by writing in online forums to receive samples, registering on fishing and gaming websites as a frequent user, and visiting newly-opened fishing and gaming stores.

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Getting free fishing supplies from dumpsters or off of Craigslist is easy and good for the environment. These fishing supplies may be used, but they reduce upfront investments and do not add to landfills. Used free fishing supplies are also already broken in for immediate use.

Free fishing supplies from giveaways, trade shows or by writing online forums are brand new, as they are used as marketing tools for the fishing businesses. Bat Wing Frogs, Jarred Earthworms, Minnow Grubs, Minnow Worms, and Shad Assassins are all examples of free fishing supplies available through giveaways or newsletter coupons on sites like Fishing Tackle Unlimited. Four- to five-foot and six- to seven-foot floating Bluegill Crankbaits are available for free through Free Bass Lure's contests and giveaways.

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