What Are Some Ways to Get Coupons for Herb Phillipsons?

What Are Some Ways to Get Coupons for Herb Phillipsons?

Customers can get coupons for "Herb" Philipson's Outfitters for the Great Outdoors through its website. The store offers an email subscription that sends coupons and other savings to customer's email account.

Getting on the email list is straightforward. On the "Herb" Philipson's website, customers click the "Join the Club" tab. At the bottom of the next page there is a place to enter an email address to subscribe. The site should send a welcome email and other savings to that address in the future.

There is another way of getting discounts by joining the "Herb" Philipson's "Price Fighter" Club. Customers will have to sign up for this club in one of the retail locations or they can sign up when purchasing a gift card online.

As of 2015, customers earn one point for every dollar spent in the store or in buying gift cards. When the customer earns 600 points they get a $10 gift card to "Herb" Philipson's. Earning that first gift card is made a bit easier with the 100-point bonus for filling out the application and another 100-point bonus for providing an email address.

Customers may also want to check out the weekly circulars for Philipson's to see if any store coupons are present.