What Is the Best Way to Win an Arm Wrestling Match?

way-win-arm-wrestling-match Credit: Image Source/Getty Images

The best way to win an arm wrestling match is to work out the muscles in the arm and hand, learn the most effective arm wrestling moves, and practice arm wrestling. You should see improvement immediately.

  1. Exercise the muscles used in an arm wrestling match

    Arm wrestling uses the fingers, hands, forearms, biceps and triceps.

  2. Learn the hook, the top roll and the press

    The hook, the top roll and the press are the three most effective arm wrestling moves. Perform the hook by curling your wrist toward you and aligning your body with your arm. Push your arm and body down to secure the pin. The top roll involves moving your hand upwards on your opponent's hand and leveraging it down for the pin. Perform the press by forcing your hand on top of your opponent's hand, bringing your body over your arm and pressing down for the pin.

  3. Practice the techniques

    Improve your skills by finding other people to arm wrestle. Find out which moves work best for you. The hook tends to work best when you have stronger forearms and biceps than your opponent. The press uses the chest and triceps. The top roll relies mainly on leverage. Use your practice matches to determine what areas you need to work on, such as a specific move or muscle group, then tailor your training toward that.