What Is the Best Way to Tie Braided Fishing Line?


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The Palomar knot ties a hook to braided fishing line so it does not slip and come undone. It requires folding about 6 inches of line back against itself and passing the fold through the eye of the hook. The angler then uses the folded end to tie a simple overhand knot and passes the resulting loop around the hook. He completes the knot by pulling both ends to tighten it.

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When using braided fishing line, there is no need for a leader. Leaders increase the number of knots in the line, and each one increases the chances of it coming untied. When using braided line, attach the hook directly to the line.

While braided fishing line is actually older than monofilament line, many anglers do not like it because it does not become invisible under water. They believe the line can spook the fish, although if there is heavy cover or the water is murky, this is less of a problem. Advantages of braided line include strength and a lack of stretch.

Braided line works well for many topwater baits as it floats on the water and gives better control of the lure. However, when setting the hook, anglers must use caution so they do not pull the hook from the fish’s mouth.

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