What is the way to change a bike tube?


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To change a bike tube, first remove the wheel from the bike, remove the tire from the rim and then push the valve through the hole to remove the tube. When a bike's tire is flat, it often means there is some type of damage to the tube and it must be replaced or repaired.

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While the thought of changing out a bike's tire tube may sound intimidating, the steps are actually quite simple.

Step 1: Remove the wheel from the bike

A person must remove the wheel from the bike in order to gain full access to the tire. Simply disengage the brake assembly and release the axle. Most bikes have a quick-release lever that makes this step easy.

Step 2: Remove the tire from the rim

Once the wheel is off, press the valve to release any remaining air from inside the tire. Then pry the hard rubber tire off of the wheel's rim.

Step 3: Remove the tube

Gently push the valve through the hole in the wheel. This disengages the tube and allows it to be removed.

Step 4: Install the new tube

Place a new tube on the rim of the wheel and insert the valve through the hole. Replace the hard rubber tire on the rim and inflate the tube with air.

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