What Is the Way to Calibrate a Schwinn Bike Speedometer?

Calibrating the Schwinn bike speedometer involves entering the wheel diameter of the bicycle into the speedometer and choosing between mile or kilometer readouts. Also called a cycle computer, the bike speedometer is a useful biking accessory because it provides the rider with important information, such as speed, distance traveled, trip times and average and maximum speeds.

There are a number of basic steps to follow when setting up a Schwinn bicycle speedometer.

Step 1

Before starting, have the correct diameter of the bike's wheel on the ready. The dimensions of the wheel is usually written on the side of the tire. For example 700x28C or 700x32C.

Step 2

Press both the LEFT and RIGHT buttons at the same time and hold for about 2 seconds. The display will switch to Wheel Size Input Mode and then enter the wheel factor value. To get the wheel factor value, multiply the diameter by 3.1416. The manual that came with the speedometer also has a chart of wheel diameters and their corresponding wheel factor values.

Step 3

To enter the wheel factor value press the LEFT button to enter the digit to be entered and the RIGHT button to adjust the digit to the desired number.

Step 4

Finish the calibration by pressing the LEFT button again to select between mile or kilometer readouts.