What Is the Best Way for Beginners to Start Tai Chi?

What Is the Best Way for Beginners to Start Tai Chi?

The best way for a beginner to start practicing tai chi is to check with a doctor first, research the different styles, find local tai chi classes, try different classes, and then choose the one that is most enjoyable. This process should take about a week.

  1. Consult with a doctor

    Tai chi is a style of martial arts suitable for all ages, including the elderly. However, a doctor should be seen before starting any kind of new exercise regimen to make sure there are no underlying physical issues.

  2. Research tai chi

    There are multiple styles of tai chi, each with a different focus. Learning more about tai chi helps you understand what to expect in a class and how to recognize a quality teacher.

  3. Find classes in the area

    Classes can be found online or in the phone book.

  4. Watch or try out classes

    Depending on the school, you should be able to either watch a class or try one free of charge. Pay attention to the teacher's style and how he interacts with his students. Make sure everything is done in a safe manner. Check out as many schools as possible.

  5. Choose a class

    Pick the class you enjoy the most, and sign up. Commit to attending at least once a week so you keep progressing.