What Is the Best Way to Adjust Reloading Dies?


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Adjust a resizing die by taking the ram to the top of its stroke and screwing the die into the shell holder until it stops. Lower the ram and turn the die a small amount to remove any play. Set the new adjustment with the large lock ring.

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To adjust a bullet seating die, take a case with no bullet to the top of the press stroke and screw the seating die into the press until it touches the case. Back the die off one turn, and set the large lock ring. Loosen the seater plug lock nut, and take the bullet seater plug back as far as possible. Place a completed cartridge or a prepared factory load into the shell holder to obtain the correct bullet seating height and run it all the way into the seater die.

Screw the seater plug into the seater die until it stops against the bullet, then tighten the seater plug lock nut. This provides the correct seating height if using the same projectile as factory loads. For a different bullet height, use callipers to space the seater plug to the overall cartridge length specified in your reloading manual.

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