How Do You Wax Skis?


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Wax skis by banding the brakes and securing the skis in a ski vise. Clean the skis with a spray-on ski cleaner, and apply wax along the length of a ski by melting it against a waxing iron. Iron each ski from tip to tail, and then scrape and brush the ski.

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  1. Secure the ski

    Warm the ski to room temperature. Secure the brakes with a rubber band, and fasten the ski in a ski vise.

  2. Clean the ski

    Spray ski cleaner along the length of the ski. Wipe the cleaner off, and let the ski dry.

  3. Apply wax

    Hold a block of ski wax against a hot waxing iron above one end of the ski. Slowly move the block and iron along the length of the ski so the wax flows in a smooth, unbroken line along the ski.

  4. Spread the wax

    Place the warm iron on the tip of the ski, and slowly move the iron to the tail. Repeat twice.

  5. Polish the ski

    Holding a plastic scraper at an angle, smoothly run it from the tip of the ski to the tail. Repeat. Brush the length of the ski tip-to-tail twice with a coarse brush and then twice with a soft brush.

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