How Do You Watch Live Races on NASCAR.com?


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A video link on the NASCAR website allows users to keep up with NASCAR events they might have missed, although a live videos link does not appear to be a feature on the website, as of 2015. Live events are posted on the site on a case-by-case basis.

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How Do You Watch Live Races on NASCAR.com?
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The NASCAR website, while not offering videos of live races, does include a number of features that makes it easier for fans to access their favorite events. A schedule link helps racing enthusiasts prepare for which events they want to see and which they want to skip. The scheduling link also includes information about the results of each race, although some might prefer to avoid this feature in the hopes of foregoing any possible spoilers.

The site's scheduling features are very thorough, including information about races that are run within the next day, week, month and year. The scheduling link also includes printable schedules for racing fans on the go.

The site's news and driver profile links also help people become more acquainted with the sport. The news feature includes the results of each race, as well as thorough analysis of each event, and the driver profile link includes information about participants in each race.

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