How Do You Watch Blackhawks Games Live?

In an around Illinois, live Chicago Blackhawks games are available on basic cable networks, such as Comcast Sportsnet and Fox Sports Chicago, and live games are sometimes available on NBC or NBC Sports. Select cable and satellite subscribers can purchase NHL Center Ice, which gives access to all live NHL games. NHL GameCenter streams live Blackhawks games to computers, gaming consoles and many mobile devices.

During the regular season, Chicago's sports networks carry most live Blackhawks games, but games are sometimes unavailable due to scheduling conflicts with basketball games or special events. NBC and NBC Sports show between two and five select games a week, some of which feature the Blackhawks.

NHL Center Ice is a paid subscription package that gives subscribers of certain cable and satellite providers access to all live games during the regular season. However, NHL Center Ice games are subject to media blackouts, making it a poor choice for viewers within the Blackhawks' television market area.

NHL GameCenter providers users with access to all regular season games, and it also provides streams for playoff and championship games as well as special events, such as those taking place during All-Star week. All of NHL GameCenter's streams are available in high-definition, and users can select between home and away feeds. Like NHL Center Ice, GameCenter's streams are subject to media blackouts.