What Are Some Useful Tips on Catching a Steelhead Fish?


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An important part of catching steelhead is knowing where to find them in the river. Steelhead are not evenly distributed throughout a river on any given day, so knowing where to cast your flies, lures, or bait can increase your chances of hooking a fish dramatically.

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Typically, steelhead prefer to "hold," or rest, in water that is of medium speed and depth; many anglers translate this as walking-speed water that is 4 to 6 feet deep. Steelhead avoid rapids; deep, slow pools; broad, shallow sections; and waterfalls.

Methods for catching steelhead vary widely, from drifting artificial lures and bait with spinning rods to swinging flies with two-handed fly fishing rods. In small streams, drifting lures might be the most effective way to catch steelhead, while in large, broad rivers, swinging flies with a two-handed fly fishing rod may be the best choice.

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