How Do You Use a Stealth Cam?


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To use a stealth camera, set it up at a location where you want to track the movements of deer and other game. Depending on the function of the stealth camera, you can later revisit the camera to observe activity, or you can follow the camera's live feed to determine the best hunting times.

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GSM launched the Stealth Cam name in 2000, and they built the industry's first specialized deer stealth camera from the ground up. The cameras are designed to be easy to carry and set up, and they showcase a variety of features based on their models and intended purposes.

While many cameras may range in their options, they are all designed to provide high-resolution still images, and they are sometimes coupled with burst modes and standard still image functions.

The standard video features allow you to watch animal behavior and follow popular feeding and migratory patterns. You can also use the camera to study specific vocalizations or as a live system to plan ahead for your hunts. The time lapse feature also allows you to take pictures at specific intervals during the day or night, depending on where you are beginning to hunt and how frequently you plan on tracking the area.

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