How Do You Use a Snowboard Size Chart to Buy a Good Snowboard?


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Snowboard size charts help a buyer purchase the right snowboard by showing her the right size of board for her size and weight. A rider needs to have a board that not only supports her weight but also is comfortable with her stance to avoid injury and increase enjoyment.

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Snowboard size charts are organized either by the rider's height or her weight. Height charts use a formula to determine the right length of board based on the rider's height. This formula is designed to estimate the ideal distance between the rider's feet in relation to her height to keep a solid footing on the board and retain control while riding without stressing the hip joints or limiting overall motion. Similarly, the weight chart uses a formula to determine the size of board that is strong enough to avoid breaking without added unwieldy weight that the user can't control during a ride.

Other factors that determine the best snowboard for a rider include the rider's preferred stance, which is either the right or left foot placed at the front, her experience level and her age. Younger snowboarders, regardless of age and height, typically need smaller or lighter boards because they have yet to fully develop.

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