How Do You Use a Shappell Ice Shelter?


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Shappell ice shelters are primarily used as temporary lodging for ice fishing. Once positioned on the desired fishing spot, you can remove a door on the bottom of the shelter to access the body of water below. Setup of the shelters depends on their design, which ranges from pop-up tents to pre-assembled cabins.

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For pop-up or flip-over ice shelters, setup involves placing the shelter on the desired spot and engaging the mechanism that expands the tent. Other shelter designs require the user to assemble the shelter before placing it on the ice. After placing the shelter and removing the fishing access doors, you can punch a hole in the ice and begin fishing.

Shappell ice shelters are designed to provide reprieve from extreme cold and sun exposure typically associated with ice fishing. The tents come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate multiple fishermen. Many of the designs weigh under 40 pounds and can be transported onto the ice by hand or with the aid of a small vehicle.

Although designed for ice fishing, some shelters feature removable panels that allow them to double as hunting blinds. Shappell ice shelters are sold in select stores and through the company's website.

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