How Do You Use Saltwater Fishing Rigs?


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The way a saltwater-fishing rig is used largely depends on the type of rig. For instance, a Carolina rig is meant to be used for catching fish located near the bottom of the area the bait is placed. A popping-cork rig is meant to used for catching predatory fish that have sharp senses. The rod is flicked while in use to cause the bait to jump, attracting fish to the sound and movement.

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The Carolina rig is one of the best choices for fishing near the bottom. Another advantage to using the Carolina rig is that both artificial and natural saltwater baits can be used with it. To make a Carolina rig, thread the main line through a bead, then a 3- or 4-ounce egg sinker, and tie a swivel to end of the line. Then tie a 6- to 12-inch leader with a hook or artificial bait to the other end of the swivel.

The popping-cork rig is best used in areas where bait fish are moving towards the surface of the water. The flicking of the rod mimics the movement of these prey animals, and provides a more natural target for predatory fish in the area. To make a popping cork rig, tie the main line to the loop of a piece of fishing wire, and place a couple of beads through the wire. Then thread a float through the wire, and tie a leader with a hook or artificial bait to the other loop on the end of the wire.

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