How Do You Use RedBook to Find Car Values?


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Automobile Red Book requires users to take out a licensing agreement for access to the vehicle database, or to buy a subscription to its hard copy products, The Automobile Red Book Region A or The Older Automobile Red Book. Once purchased, users may perform vehicle car price searches.

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How Do You Use RedBook to Find Car Values?
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A list of car makes is available at the bottom of the home page. Using Ford as an example, clicking on the name brings up another screen with a list of years. Click on the year 2012 and another list comes up, showing all the models made in that year. Select a model, such as the Escape, and a listing of all the types of Escapes produced in that year come up.

Select the Escape that matches the model you're looking for and another screen pops up with descriptions, trims and equipment options. Paid members may select all the boxes that apply, add mileage and select a region to get a vehicle price. Users may also purchase a single look up for a vehicle, which must be used within 15 days of purchase. The information is available for printing for 120 days after purchase.

Auto Red Book also offers subscriptions to valuation search engines for commercial vehicles, aircraft, off-road equipment, such as ATVs, boats and trailers. Other search options are available for tractors, recreational vehicles and ground maintenance equipment.

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