How Do You Use a Predator Call?

How Do You Use a Predator Call?

Effective ways of using a predator call include carrying extra calls, matching the stands to the cover, taking advantage of elevation and paying attention to the wind. Hunting in pairs increases the chances of a successful hunt.

Switching the volume of a predator call may work if one call does not get a response. Begin with the farthest reaching and loudest mouth call and use a more muted tone as the animal approaches.

Terrain affects the volume of the call. Make three stands over a one-mile distance when in thick cover or hilly terrain because the terrain softens the sound. One mile between stands works well in flat, open country where sound can move freely.

Look for elevation such as a saddle, tree, modest rise or rock pile when using a predator call. This helps the call to go farther and cover more area. The elevation also helps the hunter to see animals approaching. Dressing in full camouflage to blend in with trees, brush and rocks helps to stay hidden until it is time to take a shot.

Lastly, experienced hunters pay attention to the wind before making calls to ensure predators do not catch their scent. Positioning oneself on an elevation helps to keep the scent off the ground. Predators such as foxes and coyotes are particularly good at tracking scent.