How Do You Use a Ping Dot Color Chart?


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Golf stores and other retailers of Ping clubs use the Ping color dot chart to determine the correct lie angle a golfer needs. Ping retailers utilize the lie angle as part of the process to determine the correct fit between club and golfer.

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First, with the buyer standing straight with arms relaxed at his side, a knowledgeable and experienced fitter measures the distance in inches from the buyer's wrist to the floor. The fitter uses the chart to find the intersection between that measurement and the golfer's height. The intersection of those two points on the chart corresponds to the best lie angle for that golfer no matter the finished club length.

The lie angle of a club is the angle between the sole and shaft center. Determining the proper lie angle is essential to club fitting because it affects the shot accuracy. A perfect lie angle occurs when the sole of the club is parallel to the ground at ball impact. If the lie angle is wrong, the shot will tend to go either right or left, not straight, even if the swing is correct.

The fitter begins the fitting process by interviewing the golfer to determine his swing problems, club needs and other information about his game. The fitter also takes a hand measurement to determine the proper grip size and conducts a swing test in which the golfer hits a few balls off of an impact board. The board has special tape on which the club's sole leaves a mark. The mark's placement helps the fitter better understand the golfer's setup and swing; the fitter can make adjustments in the club choice if needed.

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