How Do You Use a Penn Reel?


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Penn spinning reels have simple bails you flip open to release the line and flip closed to start reeling it in. You need to adjust the tensions and brakes on Penn baitcasting reels before casting.

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With the spinning reel, hold the rod and reel with your dominant hand. Flip open the bail while holding the line with your index finger. Move the rod over and behind your shoulder, then swing it forward, letting go of the line when the tip of the rod is over your shoulder. When the lure or bait hits the water, close the bail. The casting motion is the same as with the baitcasting reel, except it has a thumb bar to push on instead of a bail.

With the baitcasting reel, test the spool tension by attaching the lure and letting it drop to the ground. Set the tension so the spool stops spinning when the lure touches the ground. If the spool keeps spinning after the lure hits the ground, increase the tension by turning the tension knob clockwise. If the spool stops spinning before the lure touches the ground, decrease the tension by turning the knob counter clockwise.

Test cast with the brake dial set somewhere in the middle, then adjust it to your casting skills. Loosening the brakes enables you to cast farther, but if your cast is not strong enough, you get backlash. Tightening the brakes too much stops your cast short.

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