How Do You Use Peanut Butter to Attract Deer?

To attract deer, spread peanut butter onto a tree, or fix a jar of peanut butter to it. If the jar is fixed to a tree, the deer are likely to lick the jar clean. Fix the jar of peanut putter to a tree near a stand, or set up a stand next to the freshly spread peanut butter; then, wait for the deer to approach the tree.

If the peanut butter contains preservatives to increase its shelf life, it may have a harsh effect on the deer's stomach. Some hunters suggest spraying sweet liquids such as natural syrup onto a tree or trail instead of using a jar of peanut butter.

The peanut butter method may attract a variety of animals besides deer, including raccoons, coyotes, dogs and hogs. To avoid attracting these animals, simply fix the peanut butter high off the ground so only deer can reach it.

Before making a peanut butter bait for deer hunting, check the laws and ordinances that govern deer baiting for the state. The Department of Natural Resources governs feeding and baiting laws, and these laws vary by state and county. The laws also change in and out of deer hunting season.