How Do You Use a Paddleboard?


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To ride a paddleboard, hold it above your head as you walk into the water. Then place your board in the water and climb on just behind the center of the board, beginning in a kneeling position. Stand up one foot at a time, and keep your toes pointed forward. Hold your paddle with both hands, and make four deep strokes on one side before switching to the other.

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Successful paddleboarding requires holding the paddle properly. When paddling on the left side, the right hand should be on the lower part of the paddle shaft with the left hand above it. Angle the paddle away from you, and keep your arms straight. Twist to the side from your torso as you move the paddle through the water. Switch hand positions when switching paddling sides.

To practice turning, paddle only on one side of the board until it faces the direction you want to go. To reverse directions more quickly, drag the paddle behind you on the side of the board that faces the direction you want to turn.

Wear a personal flotation device when paddling in navigable water. To avoid injury when you fall, aim yourself to fall in the water, not onto the board.

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