How Do You Use Nunchucks?

How Do You Use Nunchucks?

To use nunchucks properly, grip one stick in each hand, and practice striking. Advance by learning a figure eight form, catching and striking objects. Commit to practicing the art regularly to increase proficiency.

  1. Perfect the stance

    The proper form of holding nunchucks consists of holding the ends in each hand and placing your feet underneath your shoulders. Make sure there is an inch of space between your hand and the bottom of the nunchuck. Practice nunchucks in an open space, such as a field or a martial arts dojo, to avoid injury and possible damage to people and objects.

  2. Practice the fundamentals

    Begin by learning how to strike. Hold one end of the nunchucks in your right hand, while the left arm is across your chest in a blocking position. Next, learn a figure eight by placing one foot forward. With the forward hand, strike down and diagonally, then up and across. Catch nunchucks by performing a side strike and catching the free stick with your free hand. For an upward strike, the arm is in front of your forehead, while front strikes are caught under your armpit. Finally, practice striking objects by first having them stationary and then moving to projectiles. Practice each technique on both sides.

  3. Commit to training

    To master nunchucks, you must continue training. It may take a long time to see progress, but repetition is the key to advancing in confidence and skill.