How Do You Use Moon Charts for Deer Hunting?


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Some hunters use moon charts to predict deer activity because studies show that animal activity varies according to the phases of the moon. Just as most animals are more active at night, observers note that deer are more active when the moon is full, which translates to better results when tracking and hunting.

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Being aware of the phases of the moon makes it possible to predict the activity of deer in the area, according to MoonConnection.com. The more active deer are, the greater the chance of finding them. In addition to affecting the activity levels of deer, moon phases also have an effect on deer mating patterns. For this reason, hunters are increasingly using moon phase charts to track the different reproductive cycle phases of female deer. Because female deer go into heat during the three or four days around the autumnal equinox's second full moon, hunters who track the moon's phases know where to find bucks at a certain time.

Deer charts forecast deer activity according to the moon phases, providing the best days and times to hunt. These charts also predict the major feeding times for deer, which most often occur when the moon is either 25 or 75 percent illuminated.

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