How Do You Use a Humminbird Fish Finder?


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To use the Humminbird fish finder, mount and screw the device onto your boat near the navigational and steering equipment. Press the power button and review the screen. Fish appear as elongated ovals moving above the lines on the screen.

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Begin by assembling the device. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to attach the fish finder onto the mounting bracket using the washers, screws and mounting knobs. Drill four holes onto the section of the boat and mount the fish finder. Most anglers prefer to mount the Humminbird fish finder next to steering and navigational equipment, states Trails.com.

Press the power button on the bottom of the front keypad on the device's faceplate to display the water environment of the area over which you have placed the device. The series of shaded lines show the water terrain, with the closest areas glowing red. Thin lines indicate a hard bottom, while thick lines indicate a soft bottom. Broken, jagged lines indicate a rocky ground.

Elongated ovals moving above the lines indicate the presence of fish. When navigating the boat, stop in an area containing numerous fish. Press the Mark button on the keypad to save the location on the device's GPS library. To review the screen carefully, press the Freeze button. The arrow keys allow you to scroll around the screen, while the Zoom button allows you to check the area more closely.

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