How Do You Use a Hook Tyer?


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In order to use a hook tyer, the angler needs to thread the line around and through the hooks correctly before pushing the clip post down. The specifics vary depending on the type of hook tyer being used.

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A hook tyer has two metal posts on top and a spot to place the hook that needs to be tied. The angler first needs to place the hook or spade in the proper location with the hooked end protruding from the side of the tyer and the post of the spade at the front of the tyer. One end of the line needs to be wrapped around the two posts on top, then looped several times around the post of the hook. The loops cannot overlap.

Then, the angler must wrap the line through the loop in the first post on top of the tyer and pull the line tight. At this point, the clip post needs to be pushed down while the hook is pulled from the tyer. The angler must hold the post of the spade taut while removing it. Removing the spade by pulling the line can result in an unravelled knot. Once the hook and line are successfully removed, the long end of the knot can be trimmed down.

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