How Do You Use the Farmer's Almanac to Determine the Best Days to Go Fishing?


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The Farmer's Almanac online provides a list of the best fishing days in a given year, based on the timing of the new moon and full moon each month. In addition, the Farmer's Almanac provides weather forecasts and tide predictions that can help you decide when it is best to go fishing based on the ideal conditions for the species of fish you wish to target.

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Moon phase and tidal stage both have a significant effect on the quality of fishing. During the new moon and full moon, tidal changes are much larger, creating stronger tidal currents that encourage fish to feed, as there is more food available to them.

Depending on the species you are fishing for, different weather patterns also have an effect on the quality of the fishing. Use the Farmer's Almanac to plan your fishing times during the weather that is most conducive to the fishing you plan to do. For example, fishing in rivers is not as good during and immediately after a heavy rain because heavier currents and silt in the water make it difficult for fish to move in the river environment. As the water level drops after a heavy rain, on the other hand, the fishing can be quite good because the fish become more active and willing to feed.

Use the Farmer's Almanac to find the moon phase and tidal predictions for the area you want to fish, as well as the weather forecast. These three pieces of information help you choose the best time to go fishing.

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