How Do You Use a Coyote Call?

How Do You Use a Coyote Call?

To use a manual coyote call like the Knight & Hale EZ Howler Plus, simply blow in one end to produce the sound of a coyote's howl. To use the more advanced FOXPRO Wildfire Digital Predator Call, load it with four AA batteries and choose from over 35 preloaded calls. If the preferred coyote call is not included, the FOXPRO has the ability to store up to 200 customized sounds. It also includes a remote for distance hunting.

Coyotes respond positively to several different calls. Those featuring the sound of prey in distress can quickly bring coyotes to the area; since they are omnivores, any distress call can be used successfully. However, prey distress calls may require a hunter to wait for 30 to 45 minutes depending on the coyote's past experiences in the area.

Whines and yelps also attract coyotes. They can signal many things, like maternal instincts, the urge to defend their territory or simply a want for social interaction. If this call is not working, increase the sound three to four times before switching to another call.

When hunters know they are deep in coyote territory, a challenge howl can be used to attract them. Instead of fighting, coyotes naturally force intruders to leave their territory. However, this could cause several packs to scatter if used in an area where territories overlap.

Group and solo howls can also be used to attract coyotes. Low frequency, long, high pitched sounds tend to bring them quicker than a louder howl. Louder howls are likely to receive return howls but make it unlikely that a coyote comes to the area. Hunters have found success using group howls to lure coyotes close and solo howls to bring them within shooting range.