How Do You Use a Cheerleading Stunt Stand?


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Flyers use a cheerleading stunt stand by securely placing the inserts in the base, adjusting the inserts to fit her foot and then practicing the stunts on the inserts. Two available stunt stands, usable by both beginning and advanced athletes, include Cheerleading Stunt Stand's Classic Edition and Elite Edition.

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The Stunt Stand Classic Edition Training Device helps flyers work on stunts level one through five. For stunts with an All-Girl grip, place the All-Girl insert in the back as the main base, and place a side base insert in the middle to imitate the side base in a stunt. With the toe on the front part and the heel on the back part, stand on the inserts. Stand on the base in the correct body position for the stunt as users should avoid standing on the training device in a relaxed position. The stand also comes with inserts for a collegiate grip.

The Stunt Stand Elite Edition Training Device comes with a base and five adjustable inserts, including a large insert, a spinning insert, two medium inserts and a small insert. Place the inserts in the correct spot so that they support both the front and back part of the foot. Both the heel and the ball of the foot should be centered on the inserts.

The Cheerleading Stunt Stand website contains additional information explaining how to adjust the training device for stunts level one through seven.

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