How Do You Use BOWTECH Bows?


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To shoot a BOWTECH bow, first assume the proper shooting stance, with feet shoulder width apart and your back foot slightly behind your front. Maintain a straight posture with your upper body positioned firmly over your hips. When you draw the bowstring, your draw arm should be perpendicular to your arrow. Keep your grip relaxed, and do not allow your arms to become rigid. Rest your index finger knuckle under your ear and against your jaw to anchor the shot.

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To change the draw on your BOWTECH bow, use an Allen wrench to adjust the limb bolts. For a greater draw weight, tighten the limb bolts until both limbs are firmly against the riser. To lower the draw weight, loosen the limb bolts equally on both sides until you reach the weight you desire. Verify the bow's maximum draw weight, ATA measurement and brace height measurement with the limb bolts fully tightened.

Preserve your bowstring by waxing it at regular intervals, or whenever it appears worn or frayed. First, secure your BOWTECH bow on a table or in a vice. Slide your bowstring wax along the string and cables to coat them. Rub your pinched fingertips along the treated string to melt the wax into the fibers.

Use a bow press to perform other bow maintenance at home. Last Chance Archery's EZPress bow press is popular with archers. To use this press, measure the presser fingers to fit your BOWTECH bow, and expand them until they are wider than the limb tips. Hold the bow horizontally, and insert the limb tips on one end of the bow into the presser fingers. Apply or relieve pressure to the bow with the crank wheel.

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