How Do You Use Balance Walking Poles?


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Use Balance Walking poles by swinging the arms in a natural motion while the tips of the poles make contact with the ground behind you. Use the handle straps to propel yourself forward using your upper body strength.

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The first step to using Balance Walking poles is adjusting the poles to the correct height. For beginners, the elbows should rest approximately 1 to 2 inches lower than a 90-degree angle when the poles are held upright. For intermediate fitness walkers, the elbow should rest at a 90-degree angle. An advanced sport walker can hold her elbow 1 to 2 inches higher than the 90-degree angle while walking.

The second step in preparing Balance Walking poles is alignment of the rubber pole tips and adjustment of the handle straps. Aligh the rubber tips with a twisting motion so that they angle backward while walking. Adjust the handle straps so that the hook-and-loop fastener lies snugly against your wrist.

The third step is to begin walking. Your arms should swing naturally, while the poles drag along the sides of the body in a natural motion. Slightly squeeze the grips and apply pressure against the pole straps, using these to push off lightly while walking.

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