How Do You Use Antique Bamboo Fly Rods?

How Do You Use Antique Bamboo Fly Rods?

Since bamboo is heavier than graphite, a fisherman must be an experienced caster in order to use bamboo properly. However, as casting improves, fewer casts are required.

The action of a bamboo fly rod is less rushed. A bamboo fly rod has strength and has a cushioning effect on the fish once the hook has been set. Therefore, people using bamboo rods seldom lose large fish once they are hooked, according to Wanigas Rod Company.

A fisherman also needs the fly reel on a cane rod to balance out the additional weight. This offsets the additional weight of the rod across the casting fulcrum.

A bamboo rod loads and casts faster up close. When at a distance, the deeper flex of the bamboo rod stores energy and transfers that power smoothly, which makes longer casts possible.

This makes for a slower action, so the fisherman needs to slow the cast down in response. With the stored energy, there is less need to push the rod. This reduces the need to false cast.

A fisherman needs to learn to read the rod properly. Some manufacturers of bamboo rods make modifications to the rods to make them easier to use for beginners. For instance, if using a Sweet Grass bamboo fly rod, the tapers are adjusted to speed up the action slightly, making them feel a little more like graphite.