What Was Usain Bolt's 40-Yard Dash Time?

usain-bolt-s-40-yard-dash-time Credit: Buda Mendes/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Usain Bolt has not been timed running a 40-yard dash as of 2014. However, experts have speculated how long it would take him to run this distance. Carl Valle of Freelap predicts that it would take Bolt 3.96 seconds in ideal conditions.

Former NFL coach Brian Billick was quoted as saying he thought Bolt might run the 40-yard dash in 3.97 seconds. Both Valle and Pittsburgh Steelers scout Mark Gorsack point out that these calculations are based on Bolt using starting blocks, special shoes and a flat surface. These are not the conditions in which NFL players regularly run the 40-yard dash. Under more common conditions, Gorsack, who is known as the "Sultan of the Dash," says he doubts any athlete can run a 40-yard dash in less than four seconds.