What Are the Usage Instructions for Trimix?


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There are no basic usage instructions available because using Trimix gas requires advanced training. Scuba divers use Trimix, a breathing gas composed of oxygen, helium and nitrogen, to make technical, deep dives. Training courses require divers to have already logged over 100 dives before getting certified to use Trimix gas.

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Depending on the particular dive conditions, divers use different amounts of each gas in the Trimix. Using the gas requires a technical analysis of the conditions of the dive and knowing the individual properties of each of the gas components to understand which mix ratio works for the particular dive. Blending the Trimix is a technical process that requires decanting gases, tracking the temperature of mixtures, and only adding certain gases at certain temperatures. Using the correct ratio of oxygen, helium and nitrogen for each dive is imperative because incorrect ratios can lead to severe physical and psychotic symptoms.

Divers cannot start or end their dives using Trimix because it is only appropriate for deep conditions, so also need to know the correct safety protocols for switching canisters during a dive. Switching breathing gas at depth is an advanced procedure, especially when carrying multiple canisters with different mixes of gas intended for use at different depths.

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