How Do You Get up on a Wakeboard?

How Do You Get up on a Wakeboard?

For a deep-water start when wakeboarding, position the board perpendicular to the tow line with the arms on either side of the knees and then slowly rise from the water using the pulling force from the tow line. Other wakeboard parks, particularly in cable wakeboarding, wakeboarders start from a standing position on a starting dock and then enter the water in the same position as the cable pulls the board rider forward.

One basic method of getting up on a wakeboard requires:

Step 1: Get into proper position

Using a flotation vest, lean back and position the board perpendicular to the tow line. Grip the tow line handle with the knees positioned between the arms.

Step 2: Prepare for takeoff

As the boat begins to move forward, allow the pressure on the board to push the knees to the chest, which is the proper starting position. Most of the wakeboard should still be under the water at this point.

Step 3: Adjust stance

When the boat gradually gains speed, push the  lead foot slightly forward while still keeping the nose of the board above the water. Depending on the stance, the rider will have either the left foot (regular stance) or the right foot (goofy stance)  as the lead foot.

Step 4: Move weight to rear foot

Slowly rise as the boat gains more speed and the water is able to support more weight. Once in the proper  wakeboarding position, the rider should keep more weight on the rear foot and the shoulders and hips turned away from the boat as opposed to facing it squarely.