How Do You Unload a Revolver?

unload-revolver Credit: Matt Meadows/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Unloading a revolver is a simple process that can be completed in less than a minute. To unload your revolver, you simply need access to the revolver itself.

  1. Open and move the cylinder

    Use your thumb to turn the cylinder latch on the left side of the revolver. Cup your other hand around the gun while you move the latch so that you can ensure a good grip on the gun while the cylinder swings free from the main body of the revolver.

  2. Put two fingers through the frame

    Slide two of your fingers through the frame of the gun, over the top of the cylinder. This is only possible when the cylinder has been unlatched and moved. This allows you to make sure the cylinder is open and moved completely. Press the cylinder slightly.

  3. Turn the revolver upside-down and catch the bullets

    With your free hand, twist the revolver so that it's upside-down. The bullets should slide out of the cylinder on their own, and you can catch them before they fall out of the gun or onto the ground. Tighten your hold on the cylinder of the gun and twist your grip so that it doesn't spin while the bullets slide out.