What Are Some Unique Features of Fujikura's Shafts?

What Are Some Unique Features of Fujikura's Shafts?

Fujikura manufactures golf shafts that provide a number of effective features, including technologically advanced designs and the incorporation of specialized materials in various areas of the shaft. Its unique technology and brand-specific characteristics generally result in greater swing speed, control and overall performance for many golfers.

In its Speeder Evoloution shafts, Fujikura utilizes specialized materials to enhance club head speed and ball speed. The Speeder Pro model features a large handle diameter, in order to facilitate gripping the club and creating a better feel.

Besides shafts designed for woods, Fujikura also makes shafts for hybrid clubs, such as the Motore Speeder, which utilizes 7-axis technology. This technology is meant to create greater stability during the golf swing, resulting in more consistent ball striking.

In its MCI (metal composite irons) products, Fujikura uses metal composite technology to combine the qualities of both steel and graphite into the same shaft. The main advantages of this composition are more even weight distribution and greater torque during the swing.

Fujikura Pro Irons feature its proprietary High Density Composite Core (HDC2). This technology provides a lighter alternative to traditional composite irons, intended to result in less stiffness as well as improved accuracy, power and control.

Fujikura also manufactures a number of other golf shafts with unique features that are widely popular among both amateur and professional golfers.