Is the Uncle Mike's Holster Made From Leather?


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Uncle Mike's does not produce leather holsters. Uncle Mike's manufactures its holsters from a range of synthetic fibers and injection-molded polymers, such as nylon, laminate and Kydex.

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Uncle Mike's specializes in the use of nylon and Kydex. Nylon is a synthetic polymer that is a component in many textiles and heavy-duty products, such as flak jackets and ballistic vests. Uncle Mike's nylon holsters feature layered nylon, which offers flexible positioning, strength and superior durability in a variety of climates.

Kydex is a proprietary thermoplastic trademarked by Kydex, LLC. Uncle Mike's Kydex holsters are waterproof, fire retardant and impact resistant, yet soft and pliable for comfortable wear.

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