How Do You Find UFC Fight Results?

How Do You Find UFC Fight Results?

One easy trick in finding UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fight results would be to use the "Fight Finder" tool on the website by typing the name of any fighter involved in the particular UFC event on the search tool and clicking on the UFC event listed on the fighter's record. This will display the results of the entire fight card of the event.

The following shows one way of searching for UFC results.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Navigate to the Sherdog website.

  3. Use the Fight Finder tool
  4. Type the name of a popular UFC fighter who competed in the particular UFC event on the Fight Finder tool. Make sure to type in the Fight Finder search field and not on the general search tool also on the website main page. Last names or nicknames, such as "Bones" for Jon Jones or "Rowdy" for Ronda Rousey, will also work with the Fight Finder tool. While typing the name, a sub menu of fighter names will appear just below the tool from which the name of the fighter can be selected an clicked on. Alternatively, click the Go button after typing the fighter name.

  5. Select the event
  6. Once the right fighter is selected, a record of his fights will appear. On the events column, select and click on the UFC event to view the complete results of the tournament.