What Is the U.S.A. Field Hockey Futures Program Designed to Do?


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The mission of the USA Field Hockey Futures program is to develop top hockey athletes in each region, identify the most talented athletes in the nation and cultivate future field hockey Olympians. The program was established in 1990.

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The Futures program consists of 27 hours of specialized training with top coaches in the United States. It is the start of the Olympic Development Pipeline. Futures is also a premier collegiate recruiting opportunity in the United States. High school athletes can join the Futures program through individual trials or partner camp, and once part of the program, they may be selected to various other programs and camps to develop future collegiate and national team athletes.

Aspiring Futures athletes can go through individual trials as early as middle school, and they must complete them with a school or club coach. The Futures program ends in a regional tournament open to all athletes registered in the Futures program. It is an opportunity for athletes to display their talents in a competitive environment. Top athletes from the regional tournament are selected to represent their regions in the National Futures Championship. The national championship features nearly 40 teams that represent a large number of age groups.

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