What Is Typically the Opening Day for Deer Season?


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There is no official start date for deer hunting season nationally in the United States. Each state determines the start of deer hunting season individually, and the date changes from year to year. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service website provides the deer-hunting season dates for each state.

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What Is Typically the Opening Day for Deer Season?
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While there is no specific start date, deer season usually begins at the end of September. Each state-run Department of Natural Resources provides the actual date deer season begins. They also provide important information about the hunting season. This information includes the start and end of seasons for specific weapon types, permitting rules, acceptable hunting locations, bag limits, and any restrictions on the sex of the deer hunted. Typically, bow and crossbow season begins first with common firearms season, such as rifles, following. Hunters using muzzle-loaded guns, which are single-shot weapons, typically are last to receive permission to hunt.

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