What Are the Typical Sizing Specifications of a Football Jersey?

Adult men's football jerseys come in six different sizes, ranging from medium to 4XL, or in numeric sizes 40 through 60. These jerseys correspond to particular chest, waist and hip measurements, as described by NFL Shop and Nike website conversion charts.

As of 2015, the NFL Shop and Nike each have charts mapping football jersey size to body measurements. A size 40 medium jersey corresponds to chest measurements of 37.5-41, waist of 32-35, and hips of 37.5-41 inches. On the other extreme, size 60 4XL jerseys correspond to a chest of 58-63, waist of 52.5-57, and hips of 53.5-57 inches.

Mappings are also available at NFL Shop for women's and kids' jerseys. Women's football jerseys come in sizes XS through 2X. An XS jersey represents a chest of 29.5-32.5, waist of 23.5-26, and hips of 33-35.5 inches, whereas a 2X jersey represents a chest of 44.5-48.5, waist of 38.4-42.5, and hips of 47-50 inches.