What Are Some Typical Seasonal Hunting Restrictions?


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Weapon types, bag limits, stamps and species are typical seasonal hunting regulations; however, they vary by state. For example, Kentucky only allows the use of shotguns when hunting doves, but Arizona permits shotguns, bows and falconry.

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State game and fish departments establish hunting restrictions to conserve wild species. Requiring tags for large game, such as deer and elk, limits the number taken during the year. Setting dates for specific species ensures against interruption of wildlife reproduction. Because some species' numbers are so large, like coyotes and cottontail rabbits, many states allow their taking all year and unlimited bag limits.

In addition, weapons permitted for each species and season differ in each state. Arizona has regulations for slingshots, air rifles, muzzleloaders and pistols. Many other states don’t allow hunters to use any of these weapons.

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