What Is the Typical Schedule for the NHRA Mello Yellow Series?

NHRA Mello Yellow Series is typically scheduled from February to November. The season opens and closes at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona in Southern California every year. As of 2015, the series is a 24-race event.

NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series is the national or top division of the National Hot Rod Association. NHRA is the largest auto racing organization in the world. The complete schedule for the series is published on NHRA.com every year.

The races are divided into two segments. This segmentation was introduced in 2007 season to create a playoff system to decide the season’s champion. The first segment consists of the first 18 races. A point system is used to award points for drivers in each race based on their qualifying effort and the finishing placement. The top 10 drivers after the first segment of the season are eligible to compete for the championship. The remaining drivers continue to participate but are eliminated from contending for the championship.

The points table is adjusted after the completion of the first segment to ensure that the drivers competing for the championship are separated by a fixed margin. The driver qualifying at the first place receives bonus points. The last six races of the season are a battle for the championship among the top 10 drivers.