What Are Some Typical Pieces of Information on a Morehead City Fishing Report?


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Typical information on a Morehead City Fishing Report includes details such as temperatures, wind conditions, which fish are biting the most and least and which implements seem to be providing the most success for fishermen. The report breaks down each area in the coverage section, which includes Atlantic Beach, Hoop Pole Creek, Cape Lookout and Neuse River creeks. The report also describes the types of bait that are most successful and the hot spots for various types of catch.

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In addition, the fishing report often gives tips from professional fishermen and anglers regarding bait handling, rod usage, best times to fish for various species and tactics for fishing in cold-weather conditions. The report specifies exactly where certain fish are biting, such as 15 miles from shore, and it gives landmarks such as specific buoys. The report also details the fish no longer biting, either due to the season, the tides or other unknown reasons.

Whenever possible, the Morehead City report is released once per week. The website includes links to previous weeks' reports for reference, and it also provides links to data such as water temperature, fish sizes, tide tables and GPS numbers. The fishing report itself does include subjective information, such as the opinions of professionals and the speculation as to future trends.

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