What Types of Statistics Are Kept for High School Football Teams?


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The most common types of statistics concerning high school football deal with yardage, points and tackles. However, the types of statistics that exist for high school football vary depending on state, school and year.

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What Types of Statistics Are Kept for High School Football Teams?
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Most statistics begin by displaying a player's position, home state and school. High school football statistics also usually include data about passing, rushing and receiving yards. It is also common to find information about the total number of points a high school player has scored, as well as records regarding tackles, sacks and interceptions. These statistics often appear amalgamated in charts, graphs and lists, but they are sometimes part of journalistic entries, which describe a single game or particularly notable event.

The National Federation of State High School Associations also keep statistics in regards to high school football participation. These statistics show the combined number of male and female participants in high school football, as well as the corresponding number of schools for which the participants compete. These statistics are organized by year and distinguish between 11, 6, 8, and 9-player high school football.

Other less common or especially detailed statistics that sometimes appear for high school football are a player's games played, tackles-for-loss, solo tackles and assists.

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