What Are Some Types of Reloading Equipment?

What Are Some Types of Reloading Equipment?

A single stage press, a turret press and a progressive press are some types of ammunition reloading equipment. Other types of equipment that are necessary to reload ammunition include a reloading bench, a powder scale, dies, a shell holder and calipers. Typically, a person can purchase reloading equipment in complete kits or by individual pieces.

The reloading press is the primary piece of equipment used in the ammunition reloading process and is available in three types that are designed to fit the user's skill level, budget requirement and output needs.

The single stage press is good for beginners because it is the least expensive, and it is the easiest to set up and use when learning the basics of reloading. This type of press is the slowest to operate and produces lower output volume of finished ammunition, but is the preferred equipment for small batches and is highly durable.

Turret presses function in a similar manner to single stage presses but have spindles that allow for loading multiple shells into the press, which speeds up the process. The turret press also allows for loading of multiple dies, which allows the reloader to switch between shell calibers quicker and easier. Typical turret presses can reload around 200 rounds per hour.

Progressive presses are the most expensive but are also the highest output reloading presses. The presses require additional set-up time and preparation, but can produce 500 rounds of ammunition per hour. Many progressive presses have multiple die stations and powder measures.