What Types of Questions Are on a Hunter Safety Course Test?

Most questions on hunter safety tests focus on firearm safety. Questions focus on safe handling of firearms in a variety of wilderness situations, when it is acceptable to shoot at game and how to avoid accidentally injuring other people.

Many questions focus on how to transport firearms safely. This includes things like carrying guns on ATVs, how to lift them into trees and how to carry them over obstacles such as fences. Some tests have questions with drawings of possible shots and whether it is safe to shoot in certain scenarios. They also discuss safety with other weapons, such as bows.

Many hunter safety tests also ask about hunting laws. They ask about legal weapons and when to use them, hunting ethics and how to be as responsible and humane as possible. Some also test hunters on general wilderness navigation and survival skills, such as how to use a map and compass and what to do if they get lost or caught in extreme weather.

Hunter safety course tests also focus on how to keep the hunter safe. They ask why and when the hunter is supposed to wear orange, how to safely access elevated stands and how to deal with dangerous wildlife. Some also require a safety inspection where the hunter demonstrates the ability to transport a firearm safely.