What Types of Products Does Discraft Make?

What Types of Products Does Discraft Make?

Discraft makes a wide variety of discs for a number of sports, including Ultimate Frisbee, freestyle and disc golf. It also provides customization for all types of disks as well as gear and apparel.

For Ultimate Frisbee, Discraft offers the J*STAR 145 and the ULTRASTAR 175, the official discs of youth and senior Ultimate in the United States as of 2015. They are 9.5 inches and 10.75 inches in diameter, respectively. The ULTRASTAR comes in 15 different colors as of 2015.

Discraft also produces the SKY-STYLE disc, a 10.5-inch, 160-gram disc designed for freestyling.

Both of the Ultimate sizes as well as the freestyle disc are customizable. Discraft offers center printing, allowing the buyer to select an image or logo to place in the center of the disc while leaving the flight rings "pure." All center printing comes with Discraft's Supercolor feature, providing full-color designs that are useful for promotional discs and team events. Discraft also offers hot stamp printing, which involves using a heated pressure system to embed brightly colored foils onto the disc.

Discraft also provides a large collection of discs for disc golf. For distance drivers, the company offers 19 disc options with various stability ratings and other features. For fairway drivers and mid-range, there are nine options apiece, also with distinct stability ratings and features. For putters, Discraft offers 13 options. Buyers can also purchase disc golf sets that include one of each of these discs.

Discraft also offers apparel and gear, including hoodies, hats, microfiber towels, beanies, bags and ChainStar baskets for disc golf.